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We hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! From Thanksgiving quickly passing us by (we loved some of the decorations we saw), to Christmas fast approaching. Here’s to a wonderful season, and maybe some more snow, too!








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Happy April Fools Day! Did you know April Fools Day started way back in the 1500’s? Yes, people must have had senses of humor even back then. There is still time to concoct a good-hearted joke to celebrate April Fools! Or at least you can read about other people’s on The website includes many good-hearted funny pranks and practical jokes. Have a fun Friday and fantastic weekend!

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What an exciting time at Millstone Lakes! So many new residents calling Millstone Lakes home. Welcome Mary, Melissa, Malik & Mekhala. Must be the “M” month. We greatly appreciate having you as our valued residents.

Families renewing their stay at Millstone Lakes are Brian & Kelly, Jerri, Joe, Nydia, Steve & Terrea, Reed & Gwendolyn.  Lou and I look forward to serving you and will strive to continue to offer you courteous, professional and dependable service.


Welcome March!  Goodbye 30.1 inches of February snow.  For February being a short month it sure seemed like the longest month of the calendar.
Along with March comes new residents!  Welcome several new families.  Jacob & Misty, Patricia, Matt & Jeremiah, Stacy, Jona, Taylor & Kaius.  Thank you for making Millstone Lakes your new home.
The snow must have kept Stephan & Melissa in the kitchen.  The Millstone Lakes Staff were treated with homemade buckeyes.   Thank you so much for thinking of us!  It just doesn’t get any better than chocolate and peanut butter together.

Remember March 17th.  Wearing of the green day!  Maybe we will being seeing some green grass by this day.


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